Central Air Conditioners

energy efficient central air conditioner unit outside of home

On June 10, 2019, Rocky Mountain Power shifted its Residential Midstream HVAC Instant Incentive offering to distributor channels for Residential Central Air Conditioners (Tiers 1 – 3).

Get ready for summer savings

Participating distributors can earn direct cash incentives by stocking and selling Central Air Conditioners (Tiers 1 – 3). Available to distributors who are committed to helping Rocky Mountain Power transform the heating and cooling market throughout Utah by improving stocking practices and increasing the availability of more energy efficient HVAC equipment through distributor and manufacturing channels. Distributors are defined as businesses that sell HVAC equipment to installing contractors. Cash or Instant Incentives are no longer available on equipment listed below for installing contractors or end-use customers.

Qualifications and Incentives

Equipment Purchases and Services

Distributor Incentive

Central air conditioner tier 1
(Min SEER 15)
$125/ unit

Central air conditioner tier 2
(Min SEER 17)

$200/ unit
Central air conditioner tier 3
(Min SEER 20)
$315/ unit

Rocky Mountain Power offers the wattsmart Midstream HVAC Program to distributors to promote the purchase and installation of high-efficiency HVAC equipment in eligible homes in Rocky Mountain Power’s Utah service territory. Distributor Incentives can be used at the distributor’s discretion. These funds may be used for direct or indirect promotions, including, but not limited to, discounts on equipment, marketing efforts, stocking incentives, or other promotions.

Ensure the home qualifies:

  • ?Qualification is based entirely on ZIP code
  • Zip codes must be located within Rocky Mountain Power's Utah service territory

How to get incentives

  • Incentives for Central Air Conditioners (Tiers 1-3) are only available for participating distributors
  • Stock and sell qualified HVAC products for installation for homes in an eligible ZIP code
  • All incentives are paid directly to the distributor upon completion and submission of all required sales documentation
  • Customer incentives or post purchase applications are not available at this time for Central Air Conditioners (Tier1-3). The Residential Midstream HVAC Incentive Offering eliminated its post-purchase application on June 16, 2017.

Become a participating distributor

  • Contact the wattsmart HVAC Midstream Program Administrator for details: [email protected]
  • Sign the Participation Ageement and any Supplemental Agreements that request detailed sales, stocking, and forecasting data
  • Participate in program orientation and on-boarding sessions

Incentives are associated with the December 1, 2016 tariff filing approved by the Utah Public Service Commission. All incentives are subject to change with 45 days notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply.