Important! Home Energy Savings program changes – January 1, 2018 Pacific Power has implemented changes to the Home Energy Savings program in Washington. The changes became effective January 1, 2018. Program changes affect incentives for lighting, HVAC, weatherization and new homes, and introduce offerings for manufactured homes and multifamily properties. View a summary of the planned changes. If you have questions or need more information, please call 800-942-0266 or email us.

Why do you need my account number?

We use your account number to verify service address and the name on the account. Please note that we must write the check out to the account holder for the installation address. In order to qualify for incentives, the address where your item is installed must be served by Pacific Power or Rocky Mountain Power on a residential rate schedule.

California qualified rate schedules are: D, DL-6, DS-8, DM-9 or NEM-35

Idaho qualified rate schedules are: 1 or 36

Utah qualified rate schedules are: 1, 2, or 3

Washington qualified rate schedules are: 16, 17 or 18

Wyoming qualified rate schedules are: 2 or 18

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